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Learn highly advanced resume and  cover letter writing strategies and tactics….Let me teach you how to nail a job interview for  this Recession economy in 2012…..


Here are some of the things you will learn...

The Five Job Interviewing Breakthroughs: The five changes that transform the lives of job hunters…here’s a totally new, up-dated, integrated refinement of the most powerful strategies to get you hired. Every one from sales professionals, managers, secretaries, engineers,  and customer service representatives by the legion have not only multiplied their incomes but beneficially altered their very experience of the job interview process with these Breakthroughs.

Control HR Managers And Hiring Managers As If Taking Away Their Free Will With Drugs Slipped Into Their Drinks Or By Mesmerism

Erase All Obstacles: How to convince the hiring manager to set aside all his normal and customary "rules" about hiring decisions, reference checks, how many people they need to interview with, and how long they wait to hire you. Hiring Managers DO have ‘customary’ ways of responding to average job candidates. You do NOT want to be controlled by their ‘customary’ ways. Let everybody else they meet and interview with be governed by such ‘rules’, but NOT YOU!!!!

Human Resources Manager/Hiring Manager Training: how to insure that they hire you ON YOUR TERMS, AS YOU PREFER - without resistance or complaint.

NON-Consensual Hiring. Brace yourself, but that’s what I want you to do - just reach right into his jacket pocket (Brain) and take out his wallet, with style and class like a cat burglar in an old movie played by Cary Grant or David Niven (not some street thug). BUT THE HIRING MANAGER HAS NO CHOICE. And I’ll tell you how to TAKE AWAY HIS CHOICE IN THE MATTER and make his hiring decision a foregone conclusion.

The Pavlovian Power Play. You know, the Pavlov’s Dog thing. The dog or rat or some animal is programmed to associate a bell with food, so whenever a bell rings he comes running. Well, unknown to you, the hiring manager has been PROGRAMMED WITH DEEPLY IMBEDDED COMMANDS HE IS HELPLESS TO IGNORE, and all you need do is decode the commands (I’ll tell you how. It’s easy.)…..match up your job interview to trigger those commands….and he says yes or rolls over to have his tummy scratched every time.

Render All Competition, All Possible Comparisons to other Job Candidates Impotent And Irrelevant -

Take Choice Out Of The Interview Equation Altogether

NEVER Compete For a Job Again. Instead, have people "competing" to hire you! As the Great Recession progresses, the internet and desperate job seekers conspire to commoditize just about everything and teach hiring manager to hire only by lowest price, you need new, even radical strategies to turn the tables on ‘em.

Understanding What ALL Job hunting Is REALLY All About - and it’s NOT sending out the most resumes or going to lame networking events or using social networking sites to beg for  a job, or any other such ‘soft stuff.’ At its essence, there’s only one 5-letter word that accurately defines job hunting, and tells you how to get the job in every situation.

A Job Seeker's Ultimate Big Idea: the ONEthing you must NEVER DO....that 99.9% of all job seekers do. Get this out of your system, rid yourself of this simple mistake…and watch the job offers skyrocket!

The Cure For Employer Commoditization: how to make yourself "unique" and NOT subject to comparison to other job candidates.

Warning: companies do NOT hire employees. The job seeker  who insists on just "getting a job" and endlessly applying for jobs stay stuck at the bottom of the career totem pole. Understand THE ONE THING that hiring managers do ACTUALLY INVEST in, change your language to connect to that one thing, and - bingo! - Your job offers goes up, your compensation goes up, and resistance to hiring you melts away like butter on a Phoenix sidewalk in July.

How To Quickly Move the HIRING MANAGER or HR Manager To Asking You When You Want You to Start Work , and Which Of The Offices You Want

…..and NOT Asking Any Other Questions!

The Three Tipping Points: there are (only) three Tipping Points, where the Boss/HR manager/hiring manager is moved to trust you and accept a vision of you as being part of his staff, and recommending you for the job or moved to distrust you and feel uncertain, anxious and worried about the hiring you.

"Be Taller, Instantly" - that’s the headline on an ad that has run in many men’s magazines for decades, selling shoe-lifts. Well, there’s a single, incredibly, irrationally powerful "status-lift" you can use to instantly "be taller" i.e. more important, more trustworthy, more expert and more influential in the eyes of hiring managers, HR managers and the boss. You could quite easily triple your job offers with this Instant Status & Income Elevator.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. The simple secret to insure that your hiring managers, HR managers, or job interviewers treat you and respond to you with deferential respect, as if they were meeting with the King of Siam!

Why Not "Close" EVERY Job Interview?

Are You A "Closer?" Whether your realize it or not, you're in sales and the product you're selling is YOU!  While salespeople boast about closing 30%, 40%, 50%....a logical person would wonder: why not 100%? And why should you have to worry about ‘closing the sale’ at all? After all, if the employer and you the job candidate are well suited to another, and you've positioned yourself as a trusted advisor - how can it be that anything less than his every prescription is filled? Here, now, you will change your attitude about ‘closing’ and stop trying to ‘close’, stop struggling to ‘close’, and instead start engineering the natural and automatic sale which in turn leads to you getting the job offer.

(By the way, I started in executive recruiting (a.k.a Headhunting) using brute force and tough, power closing techniques blatantly, openly and crudely, and I have never lost the ability to bully somebody into hiring my candidate if need be. But in most cases, that just should not be necessary. That doesn’t mean you don’t use those very same techniques; you do - but with an elegant layer of veneer over top of them, so it seems you aren’t pushing them to hire you at all.)

Advanced Techniques For Making Your Salary Needs A NON-Issue

How To Get A Salary At Substantially, Even Shockingly Higher Levels Than Your Job Competitors - yet immunize your potential employer against "sticker shock." This is a powerful strategy for salary negotiation that prepares the employer to accept a price he would likely find outrageous without this preparation.

Three Giant Mistakes Too Many Job Hunters  Make With ‘Salary’. Most job hunters under-price themselves, negotiate away perks and benefits, tremble in fear over wages, and lose job offers  "because of salary" - ALL due to three mistakes that can be fixed and need never occur.

Why The Employer Makes A ‘Price Decision’ regarding the salary and wages he's prepared to offer you. If your prospective employer decides to see what other candidates are asking, question your salary needs, compare you to your job competitors asking for less, there’s A reason….within YOUR control.

Seven Strategies For Presenting Your Salary Needs. Different strategies for different situations, but know THESE SEVEN and you’ll need no others….and you WILL have an answer for the salary  question for EVERY job interview situation. Frankly, I could embellish this information and turn it, by itself, into a Program selling for - and worth - $500.00 or more in and of itself. But I’ve included all Seven Strategies right here, spelled out, ready to use.

How To SPEED UP The Offer Process

- even in situations with typically slow or elongated interviewing cycles (such as during a Recession)

The Need For Speed. One key requirement for getting the job offer is Trust. And so one very good question is: how can we speed up the development of Trust? I reveal the two fastest ways to create trust and rapport. Shorten interview-to-hire-cycles. Get first-interview offers instead of "think-it-overs". Get hired sooner and before others by getting them to fall in love with you.

Stories and Parables to Use During Your Job Interview. I give you Examples of the Two Essential Stories you need polished, perfected and practiced, ready to use on demand when you walk in the door for that job interview.

My Best Advice Specifically In Situations When Dozens of People Are Applying For the Same Position.

Why I’ve Got More Job Offers For My Candidates Than All My Peers By A Country Mile For Every Job Opening I've Ever Had A Candidate For- from my very first job as a new recruiter to one of the highest paid executive recruiters in the business. Yes, I’ve got a secret...but anybody can copy it. And it’s not mine alone. In fact, it’s behind most of the biggest fortunes made in America, starting with the industrial revolution, including Wal-Mart.

The Secret Weapon. For a number of clients, I’ve devised and built a "Secret Weapon". I describe it, and will show you a few examples of it and from it in this Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Job Interview Mastery and Salary Negotiating Members Only Website. You can build your own Secret Weapon at home, following my lead. With this Secret Weapon, doors previously barred shut will swing open for you…..stubbornly disinterested employers will start calling you, begging to meet with you……it changes everything.

**You’ll even hear how a management professional in a small city said he boosted his income by $28,000  using this Secret Weapon - and got the job offer easier than ever before.

I will teach you this an more in my exclusive coaching program. Even "old timers", who have been around the headhunting business for a long time, had dropped jaws and bulging eyeballs when they previewed the information that's going to be made available those I decide to work with.

I have a limited amount of coaching spots available each month, but I promise, you are GUARANTEED Positive Changes In The Amount of Quality Job Offers You Will Receive - as a direct and immediate result of becoming a part of my coaching program, or get for a FULL AND COMPLETE REFUND, no dithering on my part!

Oh, and while I am predominately talking about FACE TO FACE INTERVIEW, one-on-one in the boardroom or the office, or to a hiring team…..much of this also applies to winning the job over the phone and via email. In a way, it’s like getting coached on two programs for the price of one.

Think about that for a moment… if I accept you as part of the coaching program you could go from competing for jobs to getting job offers on YOUR TERMS, demanding so much respect and taking such complete control that your prospective employer can’t help but throw his open wallet onto the table without concern for price or anything else for that matter.

You could start getting more calls for job interviews, and getting more job offers  and developing such a tight bond with your prospective employer during your interview that they wouldn’t dream of hiring anyone else for any reason. Wouldn’t you agree that learning the secrets to landing great job offers with this kind of ease would be well worth $3700.00, 2000.00 or even $5,000.00 or more? How about only $497.00? That’s right, the Ultimate Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing, Salary Negotiating, and Job Interviewing Mastery Coaching Program with STRATEGIES SO CERTAIN OF SUCCESS THEY OUGHT TO REQUIRE A WEAPONS PERMIT COACHING PROGRAM is only $497.00. Pretty small investment for the secrets to over 16 years of Executive Recruiting Success! Secrets that could have you getting results like these:

"Hey I wanted to thank you for allowing me to be part of your coaching program. After being out of work for 4 months, I was getting way behind on my mortgage not to mention my other bills. My wife was a stress case, and I couldn't sleep at night, so having you coach me was a life saver. I immediately devoured all the info you shared with me and put it to work.  Within 10 days I was called in for more interviews in a week than I had been on in the last 4 months combined. More importantly I got a great job offer paying me $16,000 per year  more than I was getting at my previous job AND by using the negotiating tips your taught me I got an additional week of paid vacation time.  I can't thank you enough!
John L.   Canton, OH
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 Max Stirner, Author of Fake Resume: The Machiavellian Guide to Getting the Job

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