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How to Find Telecommuting Jobs

Have you ever thought about applying for telecommuting jobs? Work at home jobs offer great benefits such as flexibility, a certain amount of freedom, the comfort of not being confined to an office, and of course freeing up time that you would otherwise lose to commuting. Working from home can reduce some of the stress encountered in the constraints imposed by the office-commute work setting, but it is not for everyone. You may be wondering how to find telecommuting jobs, work at home jobs. There is truly a huge range of jobs available now which the employer specifically advertises as remote work. Some of the jobs require you to be in the general geographic area as the company or institution in order to attend the occassional meeting but many of them don't. You may not have considered telecommuting work but it may be worth browsing what is available and reading the job descriptions to see if it is something that would suit you and that you would like to pursue. How do you find these jobs? Again there is no shortage of online resources but one that the writer of this article has used and has been very happy with is Virtual Vocations. You can either go to their website and start searching for jobs immediately, using geographic location and job category criteria.

From the website of Virtual Vocations you can sign up for free membership for which get daily e-mail alerts about new telecommuting jobs that match your pre-defined search criteria. However, to be able apply for those jobs you have to sign up for premium membership at a rate of $15 a month, which is actually excellent value considering that it could mean the difference between getting an income and being unemployed. What makes it even more value-packed is that the staff at Virtual Vocations give you a free professional work-over and editing of your resume if you are signed up for paid memebership. Considering how much resume service companies would charge for doing that, it's a great bonus.

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