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"I Can Help Anyone Find A Great Job in 30 Days or Less!"

Fortune 500 Recruiter Reveals Why Most Job
Searches End in Failure and the Secret to
Being Amongst the Few that Succeed and
Get a Great Job

Most "how to write a resume" sites give information that is outdated or simply wrong!

You’ve probably been to many “how to write a resume” sites and applied what they taught, yet still don't have a job to show for your efforts. You may even have had a professional rewrite your resume into a masterpiece, but you’re still not getting any calls. You’re probably asking yourself, “is there something wrong with me?”

The good news is that you’re fine. The bad news is that there’s a reason that your resume and cover letter aren’t getting you any job interviews. First off, if you’re doing the same thing that every else is doing to get noticed then you’re going to get the same results. Meaning, no job! So what’s the problem? The information that’s all over the Internet is old! Yep, it’s outdated. We’re living in a new world now. When the economy imploded in 2008 everything changed forever.

Telling the Truth May Make you "Unemployable"

Once you've been unemployed more than six months, you're considered pretty much unemployable. Companies assume that since other people have already passed you over, there must be something wrong with you. You may have seen some job ads saying, “Don’t bother applying if you’re unemployed.”

When you factor in the underemployed as well as the unemployed, there are about 9.3 people applying for every open job now. In some cases there are 100 applicants per position.

So your odds of getting a job in this economic environment are worse than they’ve been in over 60 years! But how can that be? The "official" unemployment rate has been in the 8.9% to 9.1% range since 2008. What the corporate owned media won't tell you is that when you factor in people who simply gave up looking for work and those that had to take crappy low paying jobs just to keep from ending up homeless, the REAL unemployment rate is actually 22%!!!


Pre crash Job Hunting Information Won't Help You 

Now here is where things get really ugly! All those “how to get a job” web sites are feeding you old, stale and outdated information. Sure there was a time when that stuff worked and could actually get you a job. Not anymore. The easy days of getting a job are gone. And they’re NEVER coming back!

The "how to write a resume", "how to write a cover letter", and "how to get a job" books are even worse! DO you know how long it takes to write, publish and distribute a book? Even a book with a January 2011 copyright date was most likely written and submitted 18 months earlier. By the time it’s published and distributed, the information is most likely very outdated.

Would you want a surgeon performing surgery on you with outdated tools and methods, and knowledge?  Of course not! So why would you follow outdated, obsolete methods to get a job?

How Often Do People Lie on Their Resumes?

The statistics about this are frightening!

According to Hire Right, a firm that specializes in employee back ground checks:

80% of all resumes are misleading!
20% state fraudulent degrees
30% show altered employment dates
40% have inflated salary claims
30% have inaccurate job descriptions
27% give falsified references

Keep in mind that the people that are lying on their resumes and cover letters are YOUR competition for a job!

So guess what happens when you write a 100% truthful resume? Well it gets compared to all the other people that applied for the same job you did. And since the vast majority of your competition are lying, you don’t stand a snow ball's chance in hell!

Hiring Managers Think You're Already Lying!

Hiring managers and Human Resources Managers assume that 30% of ANYTHING on a resume over cover letter has been embellished. To put it bluntly, they think that 1/3 of your resume is an outright lie. Your discounted resume hurts you more than you realize. Think about it for a second. If you’re completely 100% truthful and honest on your resume, they’re only give you credit for 2/3 of your hard earned work experience!  So you're damned if you do (assuming you don't do it the right way) and you're definitely damned if you don't!

If You're Honest You MUST Know this...

My guess is that you’re one of the few honest people out there. You’re frustrated because you’ve been unemployed for weeks, or months, or even years!  Perhaps you’ve got a crappy job that doesn’t pay you what you’re truly worth.  It’s a soul-sucking, low-paying job that you hate going to.

So you’re damned if you lie and don’t do it right because you’ll get caught,  and your damned if you don’t because 1) Hiring managers assume that a third of what’s on your resume is a lie and 2) 80% of your competition for ANY job that you apply for are lying!

Companies Have Unrealistic Expectations When Hiring

Now that people are desperate to keep the job they have, employers have become pickier than ever.  They expect to get the “perfect” employee for whatever position they're trying to fill.  What that means to you is that if your resume is not exactly what they’re looking for…in the trash can you go!

Let’s face it, many skills and experiences could be learned on the job within several weeks of repeated exposure to that skill. You may be the ideal candidate who doesn’t have exactly the required experience. It doesn’t matter. Your resume will still end up in the garbage can. Despite the fact that your previous history was relevant enough for you to do the job; they won’t give you a call back, much less ask you to come in for a job interview.

Corporations Are More Unethical Than You Could Ever Be

You may be saying to yourself, that adding things to your resume is wrong and unethical. In this post Wall Street caused economic collapse it sure doesn’t seem like corporate America is too concerned with ethics, or you, or your family.

The Banksters certainly weren't concerned with ethics when they pushed loans that they knew most home buyers couldn't pay back.  Nor were they concerned with ethics when they then turned around and sold those crappy loans to their investment clients as "Grade AAA+."

People’s retirement plans and 401K's have been wiped out after having worked almost 20 years. Just recently I read how one large airline renegotiated the pension plans of their flight attendants. When the dust settled someone who was told they were going to get $1,800 per month pension was told that they’d now be getting less than $900 per month.  Think about that for a moment.  How mad would you be if you were told that if you worked your ass off for a company for 20 plus years you'd be guaranteed a certain amount and now that you're close to retiring they rewrite the rules.  How's that for ethical?

The executives that were interviewed didn’t seem too concerned about the lack of ethics they displayed in cutting out the guts of the retirement of loyal employees that worked thousands of hours based upon a promise made to them.

How about all the people that work overtime UNPAID and than get laid off right before the Holidays?!?! Perhaps you're one of those people that have worked more hours than you needed to and have handled more job responsibilities than what you were originally hired for?

How many wedding anniversaries have you missed? How many Little League games have you missed? How many birthdays did you miss because you were being a loyal ethical employee? Putting in the extra time to help the company, only to end up laid off or passed over for the big promotion you were expecting?

 How ethical is it for companies to expect you to work like a slave and than treat you like dirt? Perhaps your loyalty should be to yourself, your family and your friends that look out for you and take care of you. Gone are the days when you could put in your time and count on having job security.

Companies see you strictly as a tool to achieve massive profits NOT as a business partner!

Sorry, but you don’t fit into the equation other than as a method to squeeze out even more work out of us like a juicer squeezes every last bit of juice out of an Orange. Have you ever seen what an Orange looks like after it’s been put through a high powered professional juicer? Let me tell you, it’s NOT pretty! Don't you want a better life for yourself? Don't you want a better life for your family?


Your Very Life is at Stake!

Think I'm being dramatic?  Guess again, being unemployed is a downward cycle that can ultimately destroy your life.

I can’t say this strongly enough, you’re entire life is at stake here.

How long can you afford to be unemployed?  Maybe you’re underemployed, meaning that you have a job but it pays way less than you’re worth or not enough to maintain a decent lifestyle.

How late are you on your credit card payments, car payments, rent or mortgage?

What is the stress doing to your relationships?

Being unemployed has some severely adverse consequences to not only your bank account, but to your physical and mental health.

Self-respect may suffer, family relationships are stressed, and relationships with close friends may end, according to a recently released report from the Pew Research Center. Here are some excerpts from the Pew report:

About 46% of those unemployed for at least six months say joblessness has strained family relations, compared with 39% of people out of work for less than three months, according to the survey in May of 810 adults who are currently unemployed or who were jobless sometime since December 2007.

43% of the long-term unemployed say they lost contact with close friends, according to the study. "Even when they don't see themselves as having been at fault, there is still a profound sense of shame," said David Palmiter, a clinical psychologist in Clarks Summit, Pa.

These feelings likely are hitting a large number of people. In June, 6.8 million unemployed workers -- about 46% of all jobless workers -- fell into the "long term" category; that is, they'd been out of work for at least 27 weeks.

With all that said, what is your game plan to get working again?  What is your game plan to make some real money?

Fake Resume: The Machiavellian Guide to Getting a Job Will Get You a Job!

how to write resume fake resume book vertical

I was a Fortune 500 Executive Recruiter for 16 years

For sixteen years I worked as a recruiter, otherwise known as a head hunter. It was my single purpose in life to find the very best people for my clients. My list of clients were mostly large Fortune 500 companies who wanted the best talent money could buy.

You Won't Get Hired Unless You Learn How to Play the Game

I learned the hard way that the best person for the job IS NOT the person that gets hired. In fact, some of the most talented, hard working people I’d ever met were often unemployed the longest! Why? Simple, because the were too honest. They didn’t know how to play “the game.” And because the didn’t understand the rules, they lost out to less talented, less motivated people who did play the game.

During my years as a top employee recruiter, I literally looked at over 200,000 resumes. I started to notice trends, and patterns in the kinds of things that people included in resumes that got people job interviews and inevitably, job offers. While others that lacked those seemingly inconsequential details were dumped into the garbage can.

There are things that the so called “experts” tell you to add into your resume that will permanently get you banned from many companies.  No it’s not lying. It’s something based on the law.  At the same time, there are things that will get you a phone call almost immediately if you know how and where in your resume to add them.

Little Things Can Mean the Difference Between Getting A Great Job or being Unemployed

A horse that wins by a nose, receives ten times the prize money of a horse that loses by a nose. Is the winning horse ten times faster?  Of course not.  Little things mean a lot.  Those seemingly little things on your resume are a big reason why you're not getting call backs.  Tweaking the right things on your resume can instantly change your status from being unemployed to getting a high paying job.  The key is in knowing which things to tweak and change and which to leave alone.

Here are some of the secrets you will learn in this powerful underground guide!

  • How to fill the gaps in your employment history

  • foolproof  methods to add experience to your resume

  • The best way to get fake references

  • Why the amount you can lie and get away with is tied to your age

  • How to pass a background check

  • The 3 things you must put in your resume to get your phone ringing off the hook with job offers

  • The 4 things that must NEVER be in your resume that will guarantee you won't get called back

  • The main reason good liars get job offers and honest people don't!

  • How to get College transcripts from ANY University with any GPA you want!

  • How to determine when you should NOT lie!

  • Why most cover letters get your resume trashed before it ever gets read!

  • Why you should NEVER divulge your salary history to a prospective employer (if you do, you're almost guaranteed to not get the job

  • Why you should never put your home address on your resume

  • What to do if the job you're applying for requires your past W-2's     

  • The 8 interview mistakes that will kill your chances of getting the job   

  • How to rig your resume so it gets picked by the new automated Human Resources systems

  • Why you should never fax or mail your resume

  • The 3 types of job hunters and which one usually gets the job (It's not the one that you think)

  • Why you should lie on your resume but NOT on a job application (hint: it's a legal reason)

  • Why you can't afford not to lie on your resume

  • Why people lose job offers because of Facebook, Twitter and Myspace and how not to be one of them!

  • And much, much more...

Can you afford NOT to learn these tricks and tips that others are using?

The Results Speak for Themselves:

"After being unemployed for 5 months I decided to get your guide. I was a bit skeptical at first but I applied the secrets you teach in the guide and got a job in 27 days! What's even better is that I'm now making $22,000 more than I was at my previous job. I can't thank you enough!" Peter J. Corona, CA

“I didn’t have a college degree, and had been working a job I hated that barely paid me enough to live.  After applying what I learned in your manual, I found a job paying almost double what I had made before.  You’ve changed my life!"  Michelle T. -Lawrence, KS

“Working at a coffee shop was not what I had in mind after I graduated college. Despite sending out over 280 resumes I was stuck at this dead end job. It wasn’t until I rewrote my resume exactly the way you suggest that I finally got a great job with great benefits and stock options! Wow, I’m a believer." Pete S. -Long Island NY




Did you know that the following list of very successful people ALL lied on their resumes?

 Billionaire David Geffen-He’s worth $4.6 Billion! Need I say more?

 Bausch & Lomb Chairman & CEO, Ron Zarella- lied about having an MBA. Guess what? Not only was he NOT fired, but he kept his salary of $1.1 million, plus stock options and other bonuses

 Salomon Smith Barney telecom analyst Jack Grubman claimed to have graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology-networth in the high millions

 Former Lotus Software CEO, Jeff Papows, who misrepresented his education and military record, and claimed to be an orphan when his parents lived in Massachusetts.

 Vice President Joe Biden- charged of plagiarism and exaggerations of his academic record.

 Sandra Baldwin, the first woman to become president and chairman of the United States Olympic Committee, resigned after acknowledging that she lied about her academic credentials.

The list of very successful and rich people who have creatively rewritten their resumes is almost endless. From the former CEO of Radio Shack, and a top level executive at MGM Grand Casinos to the Broadcom Senior Vice President and Veritas Software CFO, to countless publicly traded company executives, these people all did something that took their careers to the next level!


Imagine how thrilled you’ll be when your phone starts ringing off the hook with job offers!

How happy will you be when your phone finally starts ringing from companies that want to hire you ASAP? Then imagine the relief that comes with you get an amazing job offer for a great job that pays more money than you've ever made before?

Consider the VERY REAL COST OF AN INEFFECTIVE RESUME. If you make $2K-10K+ per month and it takes 3 months to land a job--that's somewhere between $6K-$30K LOST! Same idea with STARTING SALARIES ... If you could have written a resume that landed $2K-$20K more and you don't than that's $2K-$20K LOST!

Make the investment in yourself. If you don't who will?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average job seeker was out of work for 19.9 weeks in February 2010. That is equivalent to losing $11,500 financially and that's only from an annual salary of $30,000 a year! Refer to the chart below to see how you could be affected in salary loss...

How much money are you losing every week that you’re unemployed?


If you don’t invest in this powerful underground blueprint how will tomorrow be different than today?

Stop fooling yourself. Everything that you’ve done so far to get a job has failed miserably. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Don't wait until you're on the verge of bankruptcy? How much has your family suffered because your job search has been a failure up to now?

Unless you get this guide NOW you’re going to remain unemployed while others that are less qualified than you will get the fat paychecks that should have been yours!

 If you don’t do something different RIGHT NOW, you’re going to be stuck in the same horrible situation you’re in now.

 If you don’t invest in this powerful underground guide now, how will tomorrow be different from today?

 Stop fooling yourself. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

 You need to get this blueprint NOW before it’s too late, before you end up homeless, lose your partner or worse!


how to write resume fake resume book flat


Consider the VERY REAL COST OF AN INEFFECTIVE RESUME. If you make $2K-10K+ per month and it takes 3 months to land a job--that's somewhere between $6K-$30K LOST! Same idea with STARTING SALARIES ... If you could have written a resume that landed $2K-$20K more and you don't than that's $2K-$20K LOST!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average job seeker was out of work for 19.9 weeks in February 2010. That is equivalent to losing $11,500 financially and that's only from an annual salary of $30,000 a year! Refer to the chart below to see how you could be affected in salary loss...

Yearly Salary

Weekly Pay Loss

$30,000 $575
$40,000 $770
$50,000 $960
$60,000 $1155
$70,000 $1335
$80,000 $1540
$90,000 $1730

As you can see, if you're looking for a job that pays a yearly salary of $40,000 than EVERY WEEK that passes during your job search your losing $770 dollars. So if you've been applying for jobs for 12 weeks (or 3 months), than you've lost a total of 12 weeks X $770 weekly pay loss = $9240 dollars down the drain.

In contrast, $37 for "The Machiavellian Guide to Getting a Job" system is a pittance. NOW IMAGINE how great you'll feel when your resume gets the phone ringing with interviews and puts $2K-$20K more in your pocket!

Here is my 100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee:

You have a full one year to use the "The Machiavellian Guide to Getting a Job" system risk-free. If for some reason you feel it does not deliver everything you want and expect, or you are not thrilled with your purchase in every way, I want to know about it. Simply write an email stating you'd like your money back. I'll issue you a refund right on the spot.

You can be confident your purchase will be discreet, secure, and confidential: payment will be handled by PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account and PayPal will allow you to pay by credit card.

Buy now discreetly: your purchase on your billing statement will appear as PAYPAL*EDUCATIONAL.

Why in the world would I make you an offer that seems almost crazy? Simple: I have been in business for many years and the one thing I have discovered is that most people are honest and have good intentions. So I wanted to make you an offer today that is truly irresistible. I think I've done that. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose, and the job of your dreams to gain.

Please try "The Machiavellian Guide to Getting a Job" today and see for yourself just how remarkable this system is at landing you multiple job offers.

How To Get Started
Right Now...

Check out the Table of Contents of the instantly-downloadable e-book.


When you click on the Buy Now  button below you'll be taken to my secure 100% risk-free trial order page at PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account). Once you decide to go ahead you will be able to pay with your PayPal account or with a credit card (using the PayPal interface).  Your purchase will appear discreetly on your billing statement as PAYPAL*EDUCATIONAL.

In Most Areas this guide is Tax Deductible!

100 percent risk-free satisfaction guaranteed

P.S. Please Remember: This is a 100% risk-free offer. "The Machiavellian Guide to Getting the Job" is backed by a one year 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

P.P.S. - Quickly and Easily Download "The Machiavellian Guide to Getting a Job" to your computer. Read the powerful, underground guide, review the step-by-step formula. than, create your very own high powered resume. Use "The Machiavellian Guide to Getting a Job" for the rest of your career. And keep in mind that your investment here today is a business purchase to help with your job search. This should be 100% tax deductible. Please check with your accountant of course, but I think you'll agree, it's a fantastic additional benefit.

100 percent risk-free satisfaction guaranteed

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